Custom Software Services

ACCES, in addition to designing and manufacturing data acquisition hardware, provides software services at a reasonable cost.

Our custom software department will take your specification for any data acquisition routine, driver, or even full-fledged application, and quickly develop a solution to your satisfaction. With dozens of satisfied clients ACCES has a history of on-budget and often early completion of our custom software projects.

Modern languages and an object-oriented approach to code reuse allow us to quickly prototype and implement a wide array of programs for our customers.

Given the intimate knowledge of our hardware, you can be confident that our programming staff has the expertise to take a project from concept to completion more efficiently than any third party developer could aspire to. In fact, we have been known to successfully complete projects to the customer's 100% satisfaction for as little as 10% of the lowest cost of other company's quotations -- do not think custom software is beyond your budget until you have spoken with us!

-- And with a minimum custom software charge (with hardware purchase) of zero dollars (that does mean FREE, yes!), you can hardly afford not to inquire!

ACCES has completed dozens of custom projects, from a simple thermocouple linearization library for a non-standard tcouple type, to custom firmware for our REMOTE ACCES pods, to PID control algorithms, to a data acquisition and logging application in Windows NT spanning hundreds of input points -- ACCES can handle your needs.

Given our extensive background in custom programming, it's even possible we have a solution for your project already! -- and our software has no royalty fees.

To begin the process, contact us!

More Software Information:

Drivers And Downloads
The drivers and other support we provide for various operating systems.

Setup Programs, Samples, And Utility Software
A description of the software package that comes with each ACCES card.

Redistributing Windows Drivers
A list of ACCES drivers and the files that compose them under different versions of Windows, so you can easily redistribute ACCES cards and drivers.
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